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danielle, 22 UK, graduating from university, beauty blogger, harboring an ever growing love for vanilla lattes, lover of all things fluffy, forever wishing to win the lottery.

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These stunning photographs, which look like a glorious late evening sky with dashes of pink and purple, are actually pictures of Japan’s largest wisteria (or wistaria, depending on whom you ask) plant.

This plant, located in Ashikaga Flower Park in Japan, is certainly not the largest in the world, but it still comes in at an impressive 1,990 square meters (or half an acre) and dates back to around 1870 (the largest, at about 4,000 square meters, is the wisteria vine in Sierra Madre, California). Although wisterias can look like trees, they’re actually vines. Because its vines have the potential to get very heavy, this plant’s entire structure is held up on steel supports, allowing visitors to walk below its canopy and bask in the pink and purple light cast by its beautiful hanging blossoms.

Image credits: Takao Tsushima

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“No one’s life seems great between midnight and 7 a.m. Go to sleep. Things will be better tomorrow.”

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I HATE it when some small thing goes wrong but it’s the last thing you can take in a long line of bad shit so you end up getting upset and it looks like you’re getting upset over something completely tiny and menial

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my favorite eye color is your eye color and my favorite height is your height and my favorite weight is your weight my favorite hands are your hands my favorite knees are your knees 

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